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Zodiac Stones - ConnectiCon 2013
Octography | Saint Ajora | Summoner

Notes: THE STONES WERE SO MUCH FUN so much I wore her again on Sunday 8D. And cosplaying FFT with Arruboth was a total hit too. Her Ajora is so cute <3

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Kawaii Knights Templar.

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bless u shantotto

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These two were a definite match for Knights versus Judges from the beginning. They’re very alike, both in combat style and personality. Both Wiegraf and Gabranth are men of humble origins, raised to elite military rank in forces they once vehemently opposed. Both are affected by the loss of a beloved sibling, and both allow their anger to consume them.

Wiegraf and Gabranth also act similarly in battle. They both tend to focus all of their efforts on a single target, moving on to a new opponent only when their first is defeated or severely weakened. And then there are their devastating sword attacks. Wiegraf’s Lightning Strike is well-known to anyone who has played Tactics, but Gabranth’s Innocence attack packs no less of a punch.

It’s difficult to determine who would win. The possessed Wiegraf battle and the second Gabranth encounter are the most difficult mandatory boss battles in their respective games. To its credit, Riovanes has the added horror of the player possibly getting stuck in the castle… but that has more to do with game mechanics than with Wiegraf.

I know I have a serious Gabranth bias, but I’m going to have to go with him. Aside from the Stage 100 fight in International Zodiac Job System’s Trial Mode (and his brief status as a party guest), Gabranth always fights alone. On the other hand, Wiegraf only fights alone when he is possessed by Belias. Any fight between Gabranth and Wiegraf would be vicious and bloody, but I do think that Gabranth would ultimately come out on top.

But it’s fun to think of a scenario in which either Milleuda or Larsa were in danger. That would decide the victor of this crossover fight fairly quickly.

They would both fight until the end of their deaths. I think I would actually call this one a tie. Both of them are pretty damn strong. Wiegraf does had other skills besides Lightning Stab which are pretty deadly in themselves, seeing as he’s a White Knight. 

I can see swords clashing, a stab through the armor, and special abilities being used. They would go all the way out to kill one another. I know we’re not factoring in the Lucavi for this, but good god I don’t even want to imagine what Velius could do to Gabranth. Rip his fucking armor apart like it was a toy.

I really love both characters a lot, but I can’t let a bias get in the way of this fight. It seems like an even tied match to me just for the reasons of how they go about fighting and with what drives them TO fight. You’re also just factoring in the IZJS, which then I would like to factor in the rendezvous battle you fight Wiegraf in:

When fought in Rendezvous Missions #14: Brave Story, he is level 99 and starts with 97 Bravery and 64 Faith. He comes equipped with the Excalibur, Crystal Shield, Circlet, Luminous Robe, and a random accessory. He has access to the Holy Sword command yet again, as well as to the abilities Mana Shield, Attack Boost, Ignore Elevation, and a random other ability. He is still immune to the same statuses as previously.

For Tactics being level 99 and having so much brave fucking HURTS. Especially with using Holy Sword skills, I’m pretty sure he can fucking murder you with no problem.

Man I just, I can’t even pick a winner and it feels wrong to me to do so. That’s why I’d call the match a tie instead of saying Gabranth comes out as the winner. The only credit I can give to Gabranth is that he really is strong considering on my file Ultima VS him she slayed him right before he was ready to die.

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Battle with Altima, the High Seraph/Altima, the Arch Seraph
“To thwart my coming…you would dare assay? No. It shall not be. Loyal minions… Heed my call - to me! I suffer spite…from neither lord…nor serf! Your defiance reaps you naught but death’s embrace!”

What can I say about this battle that hasn’t already been said by Tumblr’s fantastic FFT fandom? This is the final battle, the one for all the marbles. It’s time to pull out everything you’ve got in your bag of tricks- you’ll need them.

During the first phase of the battle with Altima, she’ll primarily rely on Grand Cross, an attack with a history going all the way back to FFV. It inflicts Petrify, Blind, Confusion, Silence, Berserk, Toad, Poison, Slow, and Sleep, though not always all of them at once. Altima also uses a more powerful version of Ultima. Rarely, she’ll resort to her physical attack, which has a gorgeous animation. Those swords strapped to her legs? Not just for show!

In Arch Seraph form, Altima will still use Grand Cross, but she will also employ Divine Ultima, an amped-up version of the traditional “ultimate” non-elemental magic. It can easily hit for the insane sum of over 400 damage, making it the most powerful spell in the game.

On balance, Altima is not a terribly difficult enemy to best, provided you go into it prepared. Like most Lucavi battles post-Belias, it doesn’t blindside you, and the odds are actually relatively even.

Defeating Altima earns you the most satisfying and bittersweet “battle complete” screen in FFT.


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What I love about FFTactics is that you can always replay the game, and discover something new each time. Credit to Ashy for the Beoulve Emblem, the Black Cockatrice.

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I can’t believe it’s in-game and no one never notice holyshit

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… and even Ivalice could use more female players, on both sides. 

Screen time and impression does absolutely matter.  It’s not enough to throw a bethonged angel endboss at the party and expect them to put that character on the same level as these intricately written and touchingly established characters like Delita, Ramza, Ovelia, Sydney, and Ashley.

Not that I don’t appreciate the doodle, mind.  I just don’t think there’s any reason for us Ivalice fans to get our backs up and rush to Ultima’s defense-as-a-ladyvillain when the reality is that we’re talking more than pure numbers.

Ah I’m sorry for not trimming the post earlier; I wanted to have the debate placed on my blog for followers to read.

If it helps with this, I honestly though for the longest time Altima and Ajora were the same person :/ So even I got super confused when I realized they were two different people at the end of the game since that’s not what I was expecting. I actually had assumed Ajora himself was the endgame boss because of how much he was mentioned but apparently it was.

I think the main reason some of us Ivalice fans jump up for it is because either people disregard a lot of the antagonists that are there because they’re over shadowed by the main series or just plain hate on it because of XII being the black-sheep in the main series sadly.

I really would appreciate an Ivalice game that did have way more female players. I know Tactics handled them well enough but…Augh, there were only so few that made an impact and once their little story was done were easily forgotten..

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Alma/Altima is a Necron or cloud-of-darkness style final boss.  She doesn’t count.

Not that Ultima isn’t fan-fucking-tastic, but she’s a reoccuring background player.  Vayne, Cid, Delita, Vormav, Sydney and Guildenstern are the main players in Ivalice (and I guess Mewt if you wanna count FFTA but why would you).

But who’s the one manipulating Folmarv throughout Tactics? He’s acting specifically on the orders of a higher power, even if those orders happen to coincide with his desires.

Ultima has much, much more to do with Tactics than people like to admit, just as Müllenkamp’s influence is often disregarded when it comes to Vagrant Story. Müllenkamp is too removed from the game’s immediate events to be considered an antagonist, but Ultima is no Necron. She’s Ivalice’s master manipulator, and she’s constantly relevant in terms of the Church of Glabados.

It doesn’t matter that she’s manipulating Vormav/Folmarv any more than it matters if Jenova is manipulating Sephiroth or Garland is manipulating Kuja.  The issue at hand is representation - when she’s only visibly on-screen antagonizing people for a fraction of the time, you can’t say she’s the main antagonist. She has no lines and for most of the game she has no face either.  She is a force that has helped shape the world of Ivalice, and that’s nice, but it doesn’t make her a real proper antagonist character that exists in the world in the same way as the other people referenced above.

Same goes for Mullencamp, though she’s even worse off.  She set the ball rolling but we know even less about her except that she likes to dance in fire.

HNNNG. How to reply with sounding like a dumbass is really hard. It shouldn’t matter about screen time in all honesty. She had lines at the end of the game. Although that’s another debate if it was actually Altima or even Saint Ajora. The thing is, I know I’m not trying to play her off as a main antagonist? I KNOW who the antagonists are of all the Ivalice games, I’m just trying to give some good examples of females who have played a role in being a good antagonist for said games.

I think must have read the confession wrong because I thought it was talking about in general for the series of the game, not being there as the main which is why I even named those people off. (I even said those who could be considered, not necessarily the main)

Look we can all agree on one thing though: Ivalice as a whole in their own game series has some DAMN good antagonists that play it off well better than the main series could in my opinion. It would be nice to see a more female force that had more representation in-game for being a main antagonist. I still consider the influence though to not be ignored for a game like that.

I don’t know, when you read into articles too deeply and research too much for Tactics you kinda tend to be biased about a few things. 

Just, Ivalice is the world that has a lot of antagonists who are playing different roles. For Tactics especially I really don’t think you can pin someone as being a main player because the ones who do know DID play their own part to shape the story for what it came to be.



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Ivalice’s Ultima meets every single one of those criteria.

Since I’m assuming that OP wasn’t thinking of her, I’d like to point out that Cloud of Darkness, though female in form, is a genderless entity.

I think people tend to forget that Tactics actually exists because isn’t a main series game.

Tactics consists of Altima/Ultima being the final boss battle. She’s the reason the war in the game even happened so massive amounts of blood could be spilled to help her revival. They used a female vessel to bring her back. She’s pretty damn badass ad probably is the first female antagonist in the game series.

Advance has Queen Remedi. She’s the one that’s keeping the dream world there and having the totema guard the crystals. Her true form is pretty cool and her boss song play in a different key that’s Ultima the nice body.

I would count Ilua from FFTA2 as well since she’s trying to fuck up everything with her gran grimoire.

Basically the Tactics series is full of women who are considered to be the main antagonists from their games and are pretty damn good. They’re just forgotten because they’re not a main series title.