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I think after both Livvy and I have done so much research we’ve finally been able to pinpoint where the hell everything is in Ivalice’s different timelines.

The first map was fan-made and put together. You see that Ivalice connects perfect from FFXII and FFTactics two different maps. For FFTactics Ivalice, the east is called Ordallia. I just went to the wikia and it stated that that region is indeed Ordallia(Ordalia/Rozarria.) The second photoset points out that they do indeed look like they connect. They’re set almost 1200+years apart but this would mean that Final Fantasy Tactics is apart of Rozarria. 

Although Vagrant Story is still speculated to be connected to Ivalice, Valendia is the region where Nabradia is. It even states for the description of Vagrant’s story Ivalice that Ashley Riot is from there. This would be the upper most part of FFXII’s map. Livvy has discovered that Landis is possibly in this area as well due to it’s description:

"Continent lying to the northeast of Ordalia. The climate is overall quite clement, and levels of Mist are far more stable than on the other two large continents.

Many towns and villages dot the hilly region stretching from the continent’s interior to the shores of the Inner Naldoan Sea, most under the direct control of Archadia. The Kingdom of Nabradia, lying on the Phon Straits in western Valendia, prospered here until its destruction in the Archadian invasion of two years past, its capital of Nabudis becoming a deserted wasteland.”

From the Sage Knowledge for “Valendia.”

So Landis and the Graylands incident would be in this area.

Now comes Revenant Wings. Part of Revenant Wings falls into the “Bervenia” area which is where Ajora Glabados is from. I think in RW it was a shout out to FFTactics for the western region, but I actually think it’s all connected. If you notice from Revenant Wings’ map, they go far west past Dalmasca. Out west is where Final Fantasy Tactics Ivalice is. I believe the volcano they speak of is Mt. Bervenia since there IS an active Volcano in that region. So this would mean that during RW they do go to FFT’s Ivalice area during their time.

The final image is for FFTA2. This was so hard for me to pinpoint until I thought about the specific areas. Goug is the main key to where FFTA2’s map connects. Goug is a town in FFTactics and it was even said to be where moogles were. In FFTA2 this area is present. If you look at the lower region of FFT’s map where Goug is located and on the blank map as well you can see that the eastern half of FFTA2’s map does match up with. The question is what happened to the Western part of it? Considering that Mullonde is right above it…this could have possibly been apart of Mullonde when it sunk into the ocean. Even then, the Cataclysm could have destroyed part of the area as well.

It’s so hard to say where FFTA2’s map matches up, but there is another good hint that it is in FFT’s region. Vaan and Penelo appear in the game and their labeled “The Sky Pirates from the East.” The East is where Dalmasca is and this is the western region for them. So then it could be true that FFTA2’s map is the southern part of FFT’s map.

I did not include FFTA’s map because that’s an imaginary/false realm of Ivalice that was created from Mewt’s imagination. The only thing is that FFXII heavily takes elements from the game: The Judges, setting, races, and various regions. While as FFTA2 uses the same theme/idea while taking the current concepts from FFXII. This would mean then that Revenant Wings and FFTA2 are the region of FFT which is shown and present during XII’s time.

There is possibly a lot more behind this considering this is just rough background of where everything could even be. 

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